VALLEY FIELD – information for visitors

Following recent publicity, Corston’s “Valley Field” has been receiving higher than average numbers of visitors and their families.  Whilst we are happy to welcome visitors to Corston and its public spaces, we would appreciate it if you could bear the following in mind when planning your trip:

  1.  Valley Field has been described as “immaculately maintained” but this maintenance is carried out on an entirely voluntary basis by villagers.  Therefore, we ask you to you to leave it as you find it as there is no “clear-up operation”.
  2. In particular, we have no public toilet facilities or rubbish collection, so all waste (human or otherwise) needs to be taken away by visitors (unfortunately this is not always the case).
  3. We are also unable to allow fires, BBQs or overnight camping.
  4. Access from the playing field to the brook area is via a stepped path which may not be suitable for wheelchair users.
  5. On-street parking in the village is very limited, so to minimise congestion and to promote environmentally sustainable access to this green space we encourage visitors to use local bus services.  For example, the X39 runs along the A4 past the edge of the village every twelve minutes between Bath & Bristol bus stations.  By getting off at the Corston Lane stop you can take a five minute walk through the village.
  6. Finally, the water in the weir at the end of the brook can get deep, so parents need to take care with small children as Corston Parish Council cannot accept any liability for loss or injury when visiting.

Richard Blows, Chair, Corston Parish Council