Do you know your Villans from your Bordars?

Corston Local History Society’s next illustrated talk is coming up on October 5th.  This time we will be travelling back to 1086 to see what the Domesday Book entries for Corston can – and cannot – tell us about the Saxo-Norman village.

We will also consider Corston’s place in the eleventh century Somerset economy, the particular contribution Corston made to the Domesday process, some aspects of the village that have remained almost unchanged over a thousand years and what the Domesday Book ignored.

And yes, there is more than one Domesday entry for Corston, but to find out why you will have to join us!

As ever, tickets are available in advance from Martin Seymour & Diane Philips or on the door.


2019 Annual Parish Meeting

The 2019 Corston Annual Parish Meeting, organised by Corston Parish Council will take place at 7pm on Wednesday June 5th at the Village Hall.  The agenda for this year’s meeting has three elements:
1.  Updates from the various organisations and groups that are active in the village.  As well as hearing about everything that has taken place over the last year, this is our chance to show our appreciation of those who make it happen.
2. An opportunity to meet our two new District Councillors, Duncan Hounsell and Alastair Singleton, and ask them about their plans and priorities
3.  An opportunity to register your questions and concerns about Bristol Airport’s expansion plans.  Staff from the airport will not be present at the meeting as the public consultation on their plans has now closed.  However, they have offered to meet CPC privately to explain their plans and answer questions put to them on behalf of residents.  We would therefore like to hear from you so that we can cover as many issues as possible and then report back.
The full agenda can be downloaded here: 2019 Corston Annual Parish Meeting Agenda v2
If you plan to join us we would be grateful if you could let us know by emailing so that we put out the right number of chairs for everyone!
Richard Blows
Chair, Corston Parish Council

2019 Corston Parish Council AGM

As part of the local council elections on May 2nd, Corston Parish Council’s seven councillors were returned uncontested. Details of all seven Parish Councillors can be found here.

At the Parish Council’s AGM on 8th May, Cllr Richard Blows was re-elected as Chair and Cllr John Bravin elected as Vice Chair, taking over from Cllr Gary Breckon.


VALLEY FIELD – information for visitors

Following recent publicity, Corston’s “Valley Field” has been receiving higher than average numbers of visitors and their families.  Whilst we are happy to welcome visitors to Corston and its public spaces, we would appreciate it if you could bear the following in mind when planning your trip:

  1.  Valley Field has been described as “immaculately maintained” but this maintenance is carried out on an entirely voluntary basis by villagers.  Therefore, we ask you to you to leave it as you find it as there is no “clear-up operation”.
  2. In particular, we have no public toilet facilities or rubbish collection, so all waste (human or otherwise) needs to be taken away by visitors (unfortunately this is not always the case).
  3. We are also unable to allow fires, BBQs or overnight camping.
  4. Access from the playing field to the brook area is via a stepped path which may not be suitable for wheelchair users.
  5. On-street parking in the village is very limited, so to minimise congestion and to promote environmentally sustainable access to this green space we encourage visitors to use local bus services.  For example, the X39 runs along the A4 past the edge of the village every twelve minutes between Bath & Bristol bus stations.  By getting off at the Corston Lane stop you can take a five minute walk through the village.
  6. Finally, the water in the weir at the end of the brook can get deep, so parents need to take care with small children as Corston Parish Council cannot accept any liability for loss or injury when visiting.

Richard Blows, Chair, Corston Parish Council

New Parish Councillors elected

Corston Parish Council’s AGM in May saw some changes to the membership of the parish council.

  • John Twist stood down as Chair and was replaced by Richard Blows
  • Gary Breckon was elected as the new Vice Chair
  •  John Bravin & Katharine Evans joined the Parish Council, replacing Sheila Thomas and Christine Ingersent

Parish Councillor Vacancy April 2018

Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Corston Parish Council is seeking a Corston resident who would be willing to be co-opted on to the Parish Council and serve as a Parish Councillor until the end of the present term of office which ends in May 2019.

If you would like any further information or to apply for the position of co-opted Parish Councillor please contact:

Councillor John Twist (Chair of Corston Parish Council) on 07799 036973 or

Mrs Lindy Leahy (Clerk to Corston Parish Council) at

Deadline for expressions of interest 30th April 2018

Corston Parish Council is a totally community focussed organisation and has the following objectives:

  1. To act in a fair and unbiased manner to represent the interests and concerns of residents and to improve the facilities available to the community in as far as its authority and resources allow.
  2.  Within the limits of the resources available to directly support local activities and functions acting as mediator, facilitator and contributor.
  3.  To maintain a close working relationship with B&NES Councillors and Officers in order to obtain the optimum level of local council services for the residents of Corston Civil Parish.

 John Twist

Chair Corston Parish Council

12 April 2018